We Use Media And Tech To Change Lives

Whether you’re an artist, a business owner, a parent, or anything else, Sleepytime Studios can help you figure out how to use technology to make life easier, simpler, and more fulfilling.

Live your life, run your business, and share who you are with the world. We can help come up with technology solutions for your life.

Learn a new hobby, learn how to connect, or just learn about yourself with our digital gurus. We’ll teach you how to use your tech to make life easier, not more complicated.

Leave a lasting legacy for future generations of your family with our LEGACY productions. Tell your story or document your life so that future descendants can continue your vision.


Websites, Wi-Fi, Servers, Data Analytics… We can help you set up your tech life with our Digital Gurus. Set up an online store, an Instagram account, or a digital enterprise. If it’s digital, we can do it.


Get help with your iPhone. Learn how to organize your photos on your Mac. Join us for a Field Trip while learning to paint on your iPad.


Make sure your life is remembered for generations to come. Tell your story or produce a documentary film about your life and your legacy.